Reaching Communities – Community Health Programme

Our HEALTHY FUTURES programme is funded by The National Lottery’s Reaching Communities fund.

The programme directs young people towards positive, healthy, well-informed life choices through regular educational, recreational, and advice-based activities. These ranged from sports, peer education and residential challenge projects.

Open access sessions were available for all young people in the city, however PYF focused opportunities on targeted groups of young people. This approach is supported by Coventry City Council’s commitment to the ‘Marmot’ principles of public health and the idea of ‘proportionate universalism’.  These were established by Sir Michael Marmot in his influential review of public health inequalities in 2010 . PYF is a strategic partner of the Marmot Steering Group.

The programme is delivered with the aim of improving participant’s resilience and creating long-term behavioural change.

After a successful three-year programme, the grant has been extended to 2022.