The brand ‘Positive Futures’ is well known within the Youth-Work sector. It is the service we delivered for over ten years where much national learning took place. We still use this knowledge to inform our practice to this day.

PYF was consistently rated a Gold Standard project, advising the Home Office and other national partners on work with young people throughout.

In recent years PYF has become a key partner to the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office and the Violence Reduction Unit, ensuring that key services are reaching young people who are continually faced with challenging circumstances.Our Positive Futures programmes provide both a safe and accessible timetable of group provision and 1-2-1 mentoring.

The group activities are used as a tool for initial engagement, where young people’s needs are central to all decision-making, allowing young people to benefit from the highest quality provision.

Whilst our Mentoring programme identifies young people that require additional holistic support and surrounds them with positive role models, impacting positively on their decision making and lifestyle choices.

We pride ourselves on developing a welcoming and broadly inclusive environment where young people know that support can be found in a non-judgmental way.

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