Go Foleshill aims to inspire children and families to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. We’re working to empower the community to access local green spaces and canal towpaths.

We’d love to see how you and your family are keeping active, so tag @GoFoleshill #GoFoleshill to share your positivity and let’s all be healthy together.

Find us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @GoFoleshill. Join us, get involved and stay tuned for events and updates.


For more information, contact the team by email : Info@positiveyouthfoundation.org

Click below to book for the Let’s Fish programme:

– Wednesday 13/04/22: BOOK HERE 
– Wednesday 20/04/22: BOOK HERE
– Saturday 30/04/22: BOOK HERE
– Saturday 07/05/22: BOOK HERE
– Saturday 21/05/22: BOOK HERE
– Wednesday 01/06/22: BOOK HERE
– Saturday 25/06/22: BOOK HERE
– Saturday 02/07/22: BOOK HERE
– Wednesday 03/08/22: BOOK HERE