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Coventry Youth Survey 2018

April to June 2018 saw the first online Coventry Youth Survey by Coventry City Council, supported by Positive Youth Foundation.
Staff & young people worked alongside the CCC Insight Team and with stakeholders to design a comprehensive survey for young people aged between 11-18 years old. The survey based itself around 4 topics: All About Coventry, Health and Well Being, Safety and Education & Work.

In total we were able to collect 1,232 responses from young people across the city, resulting in feedback and statistics which showing attitudes, behaviours and opinions. Giving youth a voice in Coventry.

This data has now been shared with groups of young people, stakeholders and youth practitioners in the city to develop strategic plans addressing reoccurring themes or concerns brought to light during the survey.
One of the most positive statistics and true to something we see every day at PYF is that 97% of young people feel that it is important to help others.

We endeavour to continue to give young people a voice in their local and wider communities, to have an impact on the city and the services available to them.