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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to visit the Positive Youth Foundation

The 16th January will see their Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the UK City of Culture, including Coventry Cathedral, Coventry University and the Positive Youth Foundation.

The foundation specialises in assisting young people across Coventry into positive destinations. This occurs through targeted provision in the areas of education, health, creative and social-engagement programmes.

Recently, the foundation was heavily involved in Coventry’s successful bid to become the UK City of Culture, becoming honorary partners of the bid in the process. As part of the visit, the Royals will be shown how Coventry will be thrust into the national spotlight, with the Positive Youth Foundation showcasing how young people will play their part in this celebration of culture.

The Positive Youth Foundation has been working with young people for over two decades across Coventry. Many young people in challenging circumstances are dealing with issues related to poverty, the lure of gangs and family concerns. All of which can have a profound effect on their future lifestyle choices.

At the Positive Youth Foundation, we work with young people to help them overcome their barriers through targeted provision across multiple areas of engagement. For the young people of Coventry, the chance to talk to their Highnesses is an incredibly inspiring and significant moment for them.

Rashid Bhayat, CEO of Positive Youth Foundation, said: “The Positive Youth Foundation support young people through targeted education, health, creative and social-engagement programmes.

“We work with thousands of young people each year, in particular, when they find themselves in challenging circumstances. It is honour to showcase our work with the Royal guests, where they will see first-hand the support we offer through our mental health, social action and newly arrived young people’s services.

“Their Highnesses will meet groups of inspirational young people who have overcome many barriers and benefited from the support we offer. By meeting directly, we hope that they will gain a greater insight in to the multiple challenges young people face, as well as Coventry’s collaborative response to meeting such needs.

“We are incredibly proud of our city’s young people and our partnership-working, and will showcase its effectiveness during the visit.”